Monday, February 1, 2010

TwoJohns: The Redux

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. It all began for me with a semi-humorous post, that I then converted into this full-blown blog, back in December 2006.

John had set up his 2008 Presidential Campaign HQ across the green from where I work in Chapel Hill, NC.

While I applauded his championship of the historically disadvantaged, something about him rang not quite true.

So, I watched. And wrote. Sometimes seriously. Sometimes with lashings of irony. But then, as this blog attests, I became genuinely quite worried about this seeming schizophrenic, who offered himself as the cure for his country's schizophrenia.

However. Never did I believe we would end up here.

How sad for John. How sad for his family. How said for the reputation of all politicians. And primarily, how sad for all those who still live below the poverty line, who had looked to John to help raise them up.

Well. That's the last, serious comment on this living tragedy. For the more amusing sarcasm, you gonna have to go to my Facebook page...