Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ouch! For Real (B)

John, John, John.

You know you've got problems when the Campaign staff start saying behind your back that you might just be out of touch with reality. Really.

And I don't mean one of those "gosh, I'll tell you, but don't tell John" unattributable quotes you and Dave have been libbying...I mean, leaking to Newsweek and The Washington Post.

I mean Campaign grunts expressing real concern about the direction of your Campaign.

For example. There is, apparently, a big question mark over the disconnect seen within your own media-response task force.

On the one hand, you, Dave and the Campaign team hit the ground running before Ann Coulter even had a chance to adjust her titanium make-up - after her totally ineffectual remarks at Con-PAC.

Yet, no-one has been given any instructions as to how to deal with all of the really damaging material about you that keeps seeping into the media. Like:
  • The continuing perceived disconnect over your house and you championship of the poor.

  • A similar disconnect concerning your luxury National Campaign HQ.

  • Your seeming lack of achievements while at the UNC Center for Poverty.

  • The absence of pro-bono work when you were a lawyer.

  • The less-than-stellar relations with ordinary folk in your new hometown of Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Stories of isolation when living in Raleigh, NC - plus episodes of bird-flipping while jogging...?

Your staff remember your declaration at the beginning of your Campaign, when you stated boldly that you would be fully alert to any and all allegations of disconnect on your part.

You Campaign was going to be one of engagement and connection - with ordinary people and with the media.

Those same staff are now beginning to wonder why the rhetoric is not being matched with action...

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