Friday, February 9, 2007

Unbug the Blog?

I get that Amanda Marcotte was chosen as Blogmistress for John Edwards '08 because she's loud and sassy and free-thinking - and has great Internet connections.

But hasn't this most recent episode proven that Johns' Blog Team needs some other disciplines, too? Well. Maybe just some more discipline...

Here, in John's home county - Orange County, North Carolina - we have an excellent Blog Moderator, by the name of Ruby Sinreich. Who, if she ever gets to read this post, will instantly grow gray hair, hearing this praise come from me.

Ruby and I have crossed swords. However, in the space of just of few years, she has put together an extraordinarily professional multi-author blog. Which she moderates assiduously. She is intelligent, outgoing and dedicated. And is more than capable of swapping acid with the best of them.

My only complaint - hence the sword-play - has been that she has sometimes been a little too keen to edit out posts. Which actually may be just what John's blogging effort needs at the moment.

Ruby lives down the road from John. She's on great terms with the family - to the best of my knowledge. She is already on John's Blogroll (OrangePolitics and LotusMedia). And I believe would be a tremendous asset to John's campaign.

I'm still not sure I'd want to spend an evening in a bar with her. But you don't have to like someone to recognize their suitability for a particular position.

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