Monday, February 5, 2007

TwoJohns: Political Calculation

So John, you had a busy weekend.

I read the transcript of your remarks to the DNC Winter Meeting. Truly wonderful.

Full of the language which shows that you've actually spoken to the ordinary men and women who have gone through those experiences.

I know - because I've been there, too.

This is you at your best. In its unvarnished form, it's what helps you to convince real working people that you speak for them.

And then we get to the punchline. As highlighted on your own campaign web-site:

"This is not the time for political calculation. This is the time for political courage."

Oh John. Are you really so hollow? And do you really think real folk are so shallow?

Look, we know you've got to calculate. Particularly now, what with all the big money people you have to schmooze. So don't pretend.

Do us all the credit of treating us like grown-ups. It's not who you are, or what you're doing that is causing the disconnect I fear so much. It's what you then say by way of rationale.

You talk of the disconnect between the TwoAmericas. And the pundits are still having merry hay because, with the way you're displaying your wealth and its timing, you seem to represent that very disconnect. That's what worried me at first, as well.

However, I'm now concerned about a much more damaging potential disconnect: the one between the TwoJohns - that is, when you say you're doing one thing, when in fact you're doing another.

Real people see that. They're not stupid. And it's beginning to worry them too. Because they know it's not 'real' at all.

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