Saturday, February 3, 2007

The "Reality is Rough" Bandwagon (Episode II)

Air America Radio is now getting behind my efforts to help John Edwards get back on message.

Jon Elliott ("The Most Dangerous Liberal in America") has made an on-air pledge to help coax John into accepting my "Reality is Rough" invitation.

Jon hosts the 'fastest two hours on liberal radio,' between 10pm and midnight, Monday to Friday, on progressive Air America Radio.

Jon and I had become bogged down in a 'muscular' exchange of views via e-mail, when I decided to phone his show last Friday evening, and clear up all the misunderstandings.

I explained that I wasn't and never have been anti-Edwards. Far from it. I'm an admirer and supporter.

I'm just concerned that John is allowing himself to be swallowed up by the monolith of a campaign that he has so brilliantly put together.

I said that I feel John needs to take more time away from the OneAmerica juggernaut. And put its organization in the capable hands of Dave Bonior.

That would leave John free to return to grass-roots campaigning, where he could re-connect with ordinary people - let them see him right up close and personal.

I told Jon that I believed the best way to start that process would be for John to pop down the road and do a one-hour, no-holds barred interview on his local grass-roots radio station - with real people, talking about real issues.

Jon got the point in an instant. 180 degree turnaround. And the offer to use his best efforts to encourage John to get on the "Reality is Rough" bandwagon. Pronto!

Mind you, the fact that Jon thought I was anti-Edwards got me thinking. Look, I'm irreverent. That's the way I am. I poke fun. And I speak my mind when I think something's going wrong. But sometimes irreverence can be confused with mindless stridence.


Ok. Thanks Jon. Both for your vote of confidence. And for your little nudge to get me back on message too. No-one should be scared to admit they got off track. Not me. Not John Edwards.

I will continue to try to rescue John from his own campaign. But with a tad more humility and humor, and perhaps a little less stridence and aggression...well, I'll try!

In the meantime, good luck Jon on Air America, and best wishes to all at Progressive 1360AM in San Diego.

Now, over to you...John!

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