Thursday, February 1, 2007

The "Reality is Rough" Bandwagon (Episode I)

Now, I’m no great friend of trade unions, because I don’t think they’re great friends of real working people.

But I’ll give one union its due. It’s jumping on the “Reality is Rough” bandwagon.

Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union, is now inviting all Presidential Candidates to "Walk a Day in My Shoes" with ordinary union members and their families, so that the Candidates can discover for themselves the reality of life in a regular union family.

To his credit, John is the first Candidate to have accepted the invitation. John said he was proud to be asked and that Elizabeth also has volunteered to participate.

Good for John, Elizabeth and Andy. Now John, all you have to do is go that OneStep further, and start meeting with and taking questions from real working folk.

Remember my open invitation to do just that, in a live, grass-roots, radio interview, with unscripted and unscreened call-ins from real working people.

John, just want to help you keep it real…

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