Wednesday, February 14, 2007


What can I say about Mitt-ens ("The Face-Lift") that is short and incisive, yet fair and comprehensive, while still thoughtful and interesting?

Hmm? Ah yes.



No wait. I think I can do better than that. I was just having trouble breathing, while picking myself up from the floor, and wiping away the tears of mirth.

I mean, Sweet Mother Mary and Joseph. Why does anyone take this dandy seriously? Fer chrissakes, he's had more re-invents than he's had face-lifts.

I'd be more ready to vote for The Penguin as Mayor of Gotham City than for this guy to be President of anything other than the Aspen Apres-Ski Ladies' Knit 'n Bridge Club.

But hang on. This just in. Pat Robertson takes him seriously. Oh well. Why didn't someone mention that earlier? That's a lock on the White House then.

Guess Mitt ’n Ann won’t be inviting me to their Deer Valley skiing soiree this year…

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