Friday, February 9, 2007

Bug in the Blog...

...or storm in a tea-cup?

I don't pretend to know all the details of The Great Blogging Saga within John Edwards '08. What little I do know tells me that all the parties concerned need to get real. There really are more important things to worry about.

The central point seems to be the one I've been hacking on about for a while now - you need to separate the individual from the campaign. On the one hand, when you join a campaign organization, you have to leave the individual behind. And on the other, the campaign needs now to be separated from its figurehead, so that the campaign's everyday machinations are not constantly distracting him.

This is a Presidential Campaign. Not a Friday evening, beer-keg, blogathon. Wise-cracking, college-level, smart-ass may be appropriate when you're an individual author on an independent blog. But when you've just become Blogmistress to a Presidential Campaign, you need to provide something a little more thoughtful - and yes, calculated. Get real!

As for the right-wing. Is this really the biggest dent you can find to make in John's campaign. Really? I mean, I was raised a Catholic. As a species, we helped to make half the world dysfunctional. We're crying out to be made fun of. Get real!

And the fairweather left? Look, I have the odd poke at John, but I'm along for the ride. I'm just trying to make him a better Candidate and President. You want to jump ship the first time the sea swells. You really think this is the roughest it's going to get? Get real!

And John? This is my point, entirely. I don't care whether the decision to hire the two bloggers was the right one, or not. I don't care whether the decision to reprimand them was the right one, or not. The only thing I care about is that both decisions should have been made by the campaign, and its manager - and not by you. Get real!

As it is, we've had another distraction. Which should have been an organizational hiccup, reported as the last sentence of a side column on The Slate. Instead, it made waves because you, John, got involved.

Hand the campaign over to Dave. And let the press focus on the real you, as an individual, meeting the ordinary people to whom and for whom you say you speak. Let Dave speak to and for the campaign staff.

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