Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stood Up @ The Stand Up

And so...

No John! Not even a funny story in the e-mail!

To be fair, he might have been scared off by the possibility of an NSA satellite overhead his homebase. But everyone knows. All of George's satellites are currently over Chicago, trying to work out if that's actually dandruff on Barack's blazer lapel!

Boom, boom! And we had much more of the same last night at the DSI Comedy Theater in John's home town. It was a pity John did not accept my invitation and turn up. He missed out on some good, clean fun with some of his regular working neighbors.

I don't care so much for myself. There will be other opportunities. I just felt bad for the audience, who were well aware that John had found the time to do Hollywood with Jay Leno earlier in the week.

Ah well. And so the reality show of politics continues. While this blog will continue to try to find the actual reality...

My thanks to Zach and DSI for being great hosts, and to the audience for just being great!

1 comment: said...

Thanks for your stories, Geoff.

Hopefully the tape will make its way to YouTube soon. The show last weekend was an incredible success. Good luck with the blog (video entries and... well, more of You!).