Friday, January 5, 2007

The "Pro Bona Fides" Challenge

The charge has been made, perhaps unfairly, that while making his fortune at tort law, John Edwards did no "pro bono" work for the poor.

My challenge to John now is to set that record straight by agreeing to take The "Pro Bona Fides" Challenge. To establish his "bona fides" as a true champion of the poor.

I challenge John to ask that every member of his Campaign - including Elizabeth and Cate - take a moment out of every day of the Campaign to engage in an act of kindness towards someone who is disadvantaged.

Stop and listen to a street busker; make a telephone call for someone seeking help from a social agency; go and visit a senior citizen who is living on their own.

Sure, it will take time away from the Campaign. But that's the point. This is supposed to be a Campaign of action, as well as ideas.

If, John, you don't like the expression "Pro Bona Fides" Challenge, what about The "Helping Hand" Challenge?

Frankly, you can choose whatever name you like. I'm not looking for credit. I'm just looking for you to use the opportunity of your national Campaign to start a chain reaction of active good neighborliness. That's all. What about it?


Leslie H said...

You seem to be having a lot of trouble finding information, Geoff. If your questions are in true good faith, might I suggest you can get some answers by having a look here:

Don't post this comment. I don't mean to promote OneCorps on your blog ... just transeferring some knowledge -- person to person -- that I though might help you out. I just hate to see you hanging out here in the Tubes like this; rudderless and so full of so many horribly nagging questions. :-(

'watch on the ninth' said...

Leslie H,

I truly apologize. You asked for your comment on this thread not to be posted.

I am new at this blogging game - oh for the days of quill pens!

The rule I have set for myself is that I will post anything that doesn't contain cuss-words or libel.

I'm more than happy to post something that is less than nice about me - if I can't take it, I shouldn't be dishing it out!

So, once I'd checked for cuss, I just mindlessly posted your comment with the rest. And once I'd done it, I couldn't find a way to erase it.

Mind you, there's nothing really bad here. You have a poke at me. And you promote John's web-site - which I do on my links anyway.

As I keep saying, I really do regard myself as a friend of John and your Campaign.

I just want to be sure that we are all actually doing as much as we can to help our friends below the poverty line.

But that aside, I appologize for the discourtesy. Keep the conversation going, and tell your friends.