Saturday, January 13, 2007

The "H-Bomb"?

Time to consider some of John's serious Presidential opponents. My first prediction: Hillary will enter the race, and she will bomb in the South.

Her first problem will be sex. And I don't mean gender; I mean sex. Gender was a plus. It gave her an edge over all her other baggage, with the 'what if' factor. "Er, I'm not really sure I like her...but hey...a female President - that could be cool!" She has now lost the 'what if' factor to Barack.

For all the talk of a 'New South,' when it comes to male-female relationships, regular boys and girls down here still pretty much follow the script in "Gone With The Wind." Working men do what they do, and their women keep quiet. I don't agree with it. But any honest pundit knows it's true.

Ordinary folk - both men and women - just smirk at the thought of Bill getting 'serviced' in the White House. But they cringe at the memory of Hillary's stern not-so-private remonstrations. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Guys won't want to flirt at the water-fountain. Gals will start wondering what their men are doing at the water-fountain. And all of them will blame Hillary for their itchiness.

Next problem for Hillary: Southerners held their noses and voted for Al Gore in Democratic Primaries in 2000, because he was at least nominally Southern. They held their nose for John Kerry in 2004, because he was former military. Not even Bill will get them to do it for Hillary.

She'll do ok in Iowa. Cream New Hampshire. And will then bomb for the first time in South Carolina.

She'll pick up her skirts, and move onto the Mid-West. And places North and West. But she will then bomb for a second and final time when the circus swings South again.

And once people see that a Clinton can lose, Hillary will nose-dive for the remainder of the Primaries. She will not win the Democratic nomination in 2008. The field will be left to John and Barack.

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