Saturday, January 27, 2007

Disconnect...what disconnect?

I have received the following suggested captions for this recent photograph of John's new hideaway outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina:

"Honey, what did you do with the chain-saw?"


"Psst, whatever you do, don't say 'Carolina White House.'"


"Dolly Parton rang - she's misplaced 'Dollywood.'"


"Hey look, you can see us from outer space!"


"But Dave, it's a working farm and meat-packing facility..."


"Al Gore wants to know if he can come over and discuss the Tree Conservation Plan tomorrow."


"...the Secret Service will go here, and the Missile Silo over there..."

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

John, you know how you did that 'impromptu' video, where you wondered aloud why you were paying so much money to consultants who weren't giving you sensible advice?

I'm assuming those were the same consultants who told you it would be ok to build a brand-new, $10 million mansion in the middle of a Presidential Campaign, where your primary theme is convincing working poor people you can connect with them? it safe to conclude those consultants have now been demoted to the turf-laying detail?


[Photo: Don Carrington/Carolina Journal]

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