Sunday, January 7, 2007

'Dear John' Letter

What follows is an open 'Dear John' letter I have just e-mailed to John:

"Dear John,

I will shortly be posting this invitation on my new blog – - but I wanted you to receive it first.

As a consequence of my new blog, I have been invited to be the guest this Friday (January 12) of DSI Comedy Theater (, on stage, at their home base, in our home town of Carrboro-Chapel Hill.

It occurs to me that the only reason I have been invited is because of you, and in fact, you should be a co-guest. So, I am making this open invitation to you to appear with me this Friday, at 9.00pm, on stage.

As explained to me, the format is that the special guests (you and me; or me on my own, if you don't want to come) tell personal stories and anecdotes inspired by audience suggestion, and DSI members then improvise comic scenes based on the stories we tell. This will last from 9.00pm to 10.30pm. And the show will feature about 5-6 stories, each with an average length of 2 minutes.

I've been having a little fun at your expense. Here is your opportunity to have a little fun at mine. Plus, you can prove to all the world that you have a human side that goes with the political. Most of the audience and the actors are ordinary working stiffs, the very people with whom you hope to connect.

In the event you genuinely can not attend, why not send me a true but funny story about yourself, which I promise to read to the audience as you send it to me. Of course, we may have to have a little fun in your absence as well...but I will read out the story word for word.

What about it, John? Let me know.

Your continuing friend and supporter,
Geoff Gilson"


an average patriot said...

Keep us posted! John to me is a pretty down to earth guy. I would be interested if he took you up on the offer.
I don't know what kind of a veiwership that show has but we both know that is most likely to dictate whether or not he appears.
I would like to hear that he responded to your request because it is a just, well intentioned request. Good Luck! said...

SHOW REVIEW | The Independent

"Each week Mister Diplomat brings in a local celebrity to tell interesting anecdotes from his or her life... The combination of personal history and off-the-wall comedy makes for entertainment that is easily more engrossing than any movie or television show. By the end, the performers had me in tears."

DSI invited the Senator to be a special guest during November - We would be very excited to have both John and Geoff together on stage. It should make for an incredible night of Theater. We have a very loyal weekly audience, but crowds change weekly depending on the celebrity guest. Where will YOU be Friday?

Former guests: Jimmie "JJ" Walker (DY-NO-MITE), Mark Jacobson (Mark Jacobson Toyota), Reid Wilson (Clinical Psychologist, Author- Don't Panic), Daniel Wallace (Author- Tim Burton's Big Fish), Aaron Nelson (Director- Chapel Hill and Carrboro Chamber of Commerce), Alex Zaffron (Carrboro Alderman), Jess Torpey (Meteorologist, News14 Carolina), Terry Milner (Executive Director, North Carolina Theatre Conference), Salt & Demetri (96Rock).

Support Your Local Comedy.

an average patriot said...

Okay, now that I just read that comment from DSI i really hope John takes you up on the offer. I wish I could watch it from here. You will have to tape it if you have the opportunity.
I might have led you amiss. i don't think John as a caring, genuine, down to earth guy. I know he is! I don't have to meet or talk to someone.
You exude what you are. it is all over your face. That is why it was so disturbing that so many people could not see Bush for what he is. Now it is too late in many respects.
Also, quite to the contrtary, you talking and having fun in this regard with John or anyone else shows that you do support him.
I have seen him in that role before and he does have fun with it. I think it could do nothing but help, you needling him in regards to helping the poor.
A gentle good natured prod is always helpful. As long as it isn't a cattle prod!

'watch on the ninth' said...

Thanks 'patriot,'

I don't think there's a whole lot that's merely 'average' about you at all. You speak for a lot of us!

And I think I'm the one who's going to be getting the cattle prod from DSI this Friday!

Indeed, I'm already getting it from some of the home crowd on a local forum here in Chapel Hill -


American Nationalist said...

G'luck with DSI. I imagine you'll be quite amusing what with your past experience in the edutainment business with your old radio show. Sorry I'll miss it!


an average patriot said...

Thanks Geoff!
You know, after I wrote my first book I ran into Thomas Paine on line. when I read what he was all about and saw his style and Black and white covers I was amazed.
I thought writing from the perspective of common man was unique so they could understand what was really happening and learn the truth. However, he beat me by 225 years.
Anyway I was remembering watching John in the format you want to be in with him and thinking back, he wqas a bit stiff but got got at ease and had fun.
I have never seen you in the past but I can see I am not the only one looking forward to it hopefully happening.