Friday, January 19, 2007

Action On Energy

Hey John! Got your call to action on energy conservation and oil dependency today.

I agree with you that personal gestures are important. Taken together, they can have a big impact on a broader problem. Plus, they give a very clear indication of the 'real' mind-set of the person doing the talking.

So, I'm kinda wondering why all the talk around town is that you and Elizabeth gave yourselves a couple of John Deere run-arounds for Christmas?

Now, maybe they're just for show? Or perhaps you have some new gizmo out there in the country, that allows you to run those babies on moonshine?

I guess you could argue that, being as you live on a brand new plot of some 100 acres, there's a heap of work to be done, and you need to get around fast.

Oh but hush, that would sound like you think you deserve an extraordinary dispensation. Making you some sort of 'special interest.' Silly me, I'm sure you're not suggesting that.

Maybe, it's a case of one 'reality' for you, and another 'reality' for the rest of us? Well heck no. That would be "Two America's."

Well darn, now my head's spinning. I tell you what. Why don't you drop a line to the blog, and let us all know? Clearly, this "Man of the People" thing is more complicated than I thought...

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